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Personal Injury Law

Perez & Caballero litigates and tries personal injury cases.


With over 50 years of litigation experience between us, Perez & Caballero possesses not only the ability to litigate and try complex personal injury cases, but the ability to finance them. For better or for worse, the cost associated with litigating personal injury cases has skyrocketed over time as defendants now fight every aspect of this type of case. In order to competently take these cases to trial, consumer firms need financial resources as well as legal know how. Perez & Caballero provides both the legal services and the financial resources to fight the defense bar in the pursuit of justice for its clients.




Many of the cases Perez & Caballero handles deal with complex injury causing mechanisms involving industrial job sites, automobiles, and municipal entities. The injuries themselves can also be very complicated and, therefore, expert intensive with one client sometimes seeing a multitude of different medical specialist doctors due to multiple and serious injuries.


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