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About Suite450

Suite450 started as a class project during my first year at Carolina. It started whenever I was tasked to make a website domain. Trying to think outside of the box I decided to use my freshman dorm's suite number. Suite450 turned into a place where I could creatively express myself through my classroom assignments, which you can view on this website.

Who I am

My name is Ben Perez and I'm a freshman at Chapel Hill who is majoring in business, but that is just a small part of who I am. I'm a son, a brother, and a friend. I know that I love spending time with my friends, trying new foods, and traveling, but there is a lot about myself that I don't know yet. This is the reason that I created Suite450, to share with you what I learn about myself.

What am I doing

In college I'm trying to strengthen my application for business school and  having a blast while doing this. I am involved with a couple of organizations on campus that I am passionate about, and this summer I'm studying abroad in Hong Kong. Overall my first year here has been one of personal growth.

What I'm Thinking About

May 8th. Thats the last day of my first year of college. To say it went by fast is an understatement. The last eight months of my life has been the shortest eight months that I've ever had, and I wonder if the next three years will go by just as quick. What about the years after that? Someone recently told me the older you get the faster the years seem, and I believe her. Even if my years seem shorter, maybe I can make them seem fuller. For most of my life I've focused on the simple things, what is right in front of me, but since I've been at Carolina I've found myself wanting to be better. I want to improve myself and try new things. I think that my upcoming time in Hong Kong will be just this, a time of personal growth and a time of discovery. As for if this turns out to be true, I'll let you know.


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