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Welcome to the Law Offices of Perez & Caballero

Welcome to the Law Offices of Perez & Caballero, APC

For a combined total of over 50 years, the lawyers of Perez & Caballero, APC, have assisted clients in their personal injury and civil rights cases.

Why Choose Perez & Caballero To Win Your Case?

  • We bring over 50 years of combined legal experience to your side.
  • We have achieved nearly $40 million in compensation for our clients.
  • This experience in both the trial and settlement setting gives our clients a fighting edge.


Your Best Choice Of Legal Representation For All Injury Cases

We understand that no amount of compensation can truly help alleviate the pain and suffering of a victim’s injuries, and we commit completely to every one of our client’s cases to achieve the fairest outcome possible.


If you need an opinion, or a second opinion, on your case, please feel free to call us at (213) 745-6300.